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Green Deal Overview

Friday, October 19th, 2012

The UK Government has released its most ambitious conservation initiative to date, aiming to revolutionise energy efficiency standards for both homes and businesses.

Representatives of the award winning community interest company, Yorkshire Energy Services, explain how Green Deal intends to transform the UK’s sustainable energy industry for the better.

Green Deal in practise

Green Deal is an innovative programme set to reduce or eradicate the upfront costs of energy saving products and services. Homeowners and businesses can improve the efficiency of their properties with a broad range of installations without straining their financial resources.

The scheme offers a finance mechanism, where customers can access a loan to pay for energy efficiency improvements such as insulation, heating or renewable technologies. Repayments are then split into instalments and tied to the property’s electricity meter.

What makes Green Deal different to other finance programmes is that repayments are set at a lower rate than the money saved on fuel bills through the related products. Therefore customers will always be financially better off for taking part in Green Deal, reduce their fuel bills and reap the benefits of a warmer and more efficient property.


So…What is Green Deal?

Friday, September 7th, 2012

Here’s a short film to help homeowners get to grips with the Government’s forthcoming Green Deal scheme. Find out how Green Deal aims to help families get energy saving home improvements installed for little or no upfront costs.

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