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Green Huddersfield Company Encourages Walk to Work Week

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Green Huddersfield Company Encourages Walk to Work Week (26th-30th April)

Yorkshire Energy Services, based in Huddersfield are encouraging people to ditch the car between 26th-30th April and Walk to, from or during Work for the national Walk to Work Week.

As a company that actively encourages people adopt low carbon lifestyles, it’s good to see that they practice what they preach. Over half of Yorkshire Energy Services employees are swapping cars for their trainers to get fit whilst doing their bit for the environment.

Yorkshire Energy Services employees will walk a collective 150 miles during the Living Street’s campaign reducing the number of miles travelled by car and public transport and contributing to both to a cleaner environment and a happier, more productive office.

With 50% of all UK car journeys now 5 miles or less and a high proportion of these accounting for journeys under 1 mile, that could easily become a 15-minute walk for so many people.

Transport Coordinator Liz Henry told us ““We all know that walking is good for us; a walk in a morning helps to kick start our metabolism, burns calories, improves mental agility and reduces stress whilst slashing overall CO2 emissions. With these benefits in mind there is no reason why some of us can’t walk more and use the car less”

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For more information on Yorkshire Energy Services visit or call  0800 052 7496.