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Smart Meters & Funded Gas Connections

Friday, October 16th, 2015

Installer-with-ECO-CardIn our October E-shot to members of Green Deal Installer Hub, we cover the latest energy efficiency news and views including: customer reactions to Smart Meters, the new criteria for the Fuel Poverty Network Extension Scheme and the latest installer casualties since the Feed in Tariff regression announcement.

Top stories:

Installation giants fall into administration
Two of the UKs largest energy efficiency companies have gone into administration reflecting the current struggle of the whole industry.
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New criteria for funded gas connections
If you’re a gas heating engineer and work in partnership with a gas network, then you may be interested to find out that the eligibility criteria for funded gas connections is changing.
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Smart meters getting smart results
84% of householders using Smart Meters would recommend them, a new report revels. With nearly two million Smart Meters installed in homes throughout Britain, campaigners are declaring the product a ground breaking innovation.
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Southampton ECO scheme set to improve 1,500 homes
Targeted communities across Southampton will benefit from a host of funded energy efficiency measures as part of a new Local Authority scheme.
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Have your say in the Bonfield Review
Peter Bonfield is encouraging organisations from across the energy efficiency industry to contribute to his Government commissioned review, which could shape the future of green policy in the UK.
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Birmingham tops Local Authorities for the highest number of ECO installations
Analytics experts, Resourcematics have created a GIS map which highlights the current geographical patens of installations carried out under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme.
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EPC Service in West Yorkshire
YES Energy Solutions are offering West Yorkshire contractors a competitive EPC service covering HHCRO assessments from just £65.
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Affordable Installer Insurance
Save money on your insurance requirements by taking advantage of your Hub member discount.
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VAT, Government Cuts and Insulation Robots

Thursday, June 25th, 2015

Central Heating InstallerYES Energy Solutions provides an update on the latest developments affecting installers and the wider energy efficiency sector.

Find out how Government cuts could impact the Department of Energy and Climate Change, how VAT may increase for home efficiency measures and how robots could be the future of the insulation industry:


Green Deal Installer Hub – June E-Shot 2015

Will VAT Rates Rise for Energy Efficiency Measures?
The European Court has told the UK that the current tax breaks in place for energy saving measures are illegal under European law. This could means that measures such as insulation, solar panels and heat pumps would be affected by a VAT increase.
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Could Government Austerity Kill GDHIF?
An article published by the Independent suggests that the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) could be the next casualty in the Government’s latest drive of austerity measures.
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Scotland Makes Energy Efficiency a National Priority
The Energy Bill Revolution has had a campaign breakthrough as the Scottish Government announces plans to make energy efficiency a ‘National Infrastructure Priority.’
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Energy Companies Over Achieve ECO 1
For the first time, installation figures have been published for the entire period of ECO 1 and ECO 1.2 (Jan 2013 – March 2015), showing that all Energy Companies exceeded their targets and are also making head way with their ECO 2 obligations.
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Green Deal Finance, NHS Energy Efficiency & DECC Priorities

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

gdih_birdYES Energy Solutions gives an update on the latest energy efficiency news and announcements affecting the installation and retrofit industry.

The following articles include information on: Green Deal finance, the new Government’s approach to UK energy infrastructure, ECO Fair 2015 and a new energy efficiency report for the NHS.

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May 2015 E-Shot

Substantial Growth for Green Deal Finance
Over £50m worth of Green Deal finance plans have been processed, showing considerable growth over the last 12 months.
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ECO Fair 2015
Yorkshire’s largest environmental event opens its doors next month to highlight the latest energy efficiency schemes, developments and products.
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Installer Insurance – Take Advantage of Your Hub Member Discount
Green Deal Installer Hub joined forces with FML in April 2015 to offer SME installers a better deal on their insurance requirements. By submitting the latest promo code, you can access preferential rates on a range of policies including: public liability, employer liability and professional indemnity cover.
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ECO Compliance Checks – Have Your Say
The ECO Reporting Simplification Working Group have issued a survey to find out what checks are currently being undertaken by installers on ECO submission documents. They are keen to find out which processes are currently failing and what could be improved.
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DECC’s Priorities Under the New Government
Amber Rudd MP, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change has provided an overview of the new Government’s commitment to energy infrastructure as detailed in Wednesday’s Queens Speech.
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FREE Water Efficiency Training for Plumbers in Wales
The Centre for Alternative Technology are running a series of FREE training courses to help plumbers and customer advisors in Wales improve their knowledge of water efficiency technologies.
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Post-Election Fears from Major Insulation Manufacturer
Steven Heath, Director of Public Affairs and Strategy at Knauf Insulation has written an opinion piece on what impact the new Government will have on the energy efficiency industry. In his blog, Heath warns readers of the potential challenges the insulation sector faces under the Conservatives without the Lib-Dems holding up the green flag.
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How Energy Efficient is the NHS?
£180million a year could be saved in NHS energy costs, a report from the National Audit Office (NAO) reveals.
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Edinburgh Community Solar Scheme
Edinburgh Council are set to install thousands of solar panels on public building through a major community renewables initiative.
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Phase 2 of GDHIF – But is this just a reinvestment of funds?

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

The Government’s Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) is to be re-launched in November with an additional £100m. But is this money simply a reinvestment of funds from past initiatives?

The popular cashback incentive for energy saving measures saw are surge of applications before shutting early in July. But will all of these installations actually happen?

Jos Mister of YES Energy Solutions investigates what’s really happening with GDHIF and how imminent voucher deadlines could be the lifeline for the next phase of the programme.

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YES Become Pioneer Green Deal Provider

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has announced that Yorkshire Energy Services is to become one of its Pioneer Green Deal Providers and join a small number of companies from across the UK in the pilot programme.

Yorkshire Energy Services will play an active role in the Green Deal in providing and managing the finance needed for householders and small businesses to access effective energy saving services. 

The highly anticipated Green Deal is set to launch in October 2012 and will help thousands of residents save energy through domestic installations such as insulation, central heating and renewable technologies with no upfront costs. Unlike other finance programmes, repayments on the Green Deal loan are linked to the participant’s energy bills and set at a lower rate than the money they saved on energy over a fixed period. Customers are therefore able to save money and improve their home’s efficiency without breaking the bank.

YES become a pioneer Green Deal provider

Chief Executive of Yorkshire Energy Services, William Edrich, is delighted to support Green Deal and work in partnership with DECC on the initial developments of the programme. “It is an honour to work with DECC be representing the SME’s within the Green Deal Pilot. We have over 11 years experience delivering innovative and ground breaking energy efficiency schemes like the Green Deal and look forward to demonstrating our expertise in order to shape and model an effective Green Deal process. YES work within the local community and excel in the delivery of community based work. Our ethos as a community interest company is to invest profits made back into schemes to further assist communities and are committed to supporting the local economy.”


YES Support Fuel Poverty Awareness Day

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Yorkshire Energy Services are encouraging people across the country to insulate their homes and reduce their energy bills in support of Fuel Poverty Awareness Day.

The Huddersfield based Community Interest Company currently runs two council backed insulation schemes, on behalf of Hampshire County Council and most recently Leeds City Council, following on from the success of the Kirklees Warm Zone free insulation scheme.

The Department for Energy and Climate Change suggest that there are still around 10 million lofts (43% of UK homes) which remain unlagged; and 8 million empty cavity walls (42% of households across the UK) that fail to have the current recommended insulation levels.