Solutions for Fuel Poverty

Journalists from the Independent have reported that almost 9 million Britons will be living in fuel poverty within the next 4 years unless the Government offset carbon taxes for vulnerable families.*

Worrying statistics reveal that fuel poverty has risen drastically since 2004. Energy experts now fear that unless a substantial amount of money is invested, the issue is likely to spiral out of control.

Householders said to be living in Fuel poverty spend more than 10% of their income on fuel just to keep warm in their homes. Yorkshire Energy Services are among a series of conservation specialists who are striving to tackle the issue head on.

Working in partnership with leading utility companies, Yorkshire Energy Services are set to launch a free home insulation scheme across England in March. Representatives of the organisation are busy preparing the campaign and plan on engaging vulnerable householders and helping them improve their homes thermal values.

The scheme will offer free cavity wall insulation and free loft insulation to English homeowners. The organisation has recently extended its installer network and now has several insulation outlets up and down the country.  

Yorkshire Energy Services are also currently delivering two major home insulation schemes on behalf of Leeds City Council and Hampshire and District Councils. The core objectives of all programmes are to help local residents beat fuel poverty and save energy affordably.

Effective home insulation is still the best way to preserve heat in a property and combat rising fuel costs. Without a drastic change in the tax system, free insulation is likely to be the best cure for householders struggling to pay their fuel bills.

If you or someone close to you spends more than 10% of your income on domestic fuel, contact Yorkshire Energy Services for help, advice and support on freephone: 0800 052 7496. To enquire about the forth coming National Free Home Insulation Scheme, complete an online application today.
*Source: The Independent

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