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Solutions for Fuel Poverty

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Journalists from the Independent have reported that almost 9 million Britons will be living in fuel poverty within the next 4 years unless the Government offset carbon taxes for vulnerable families.*

Worrying statistics reveal that fuel poverty has risen drastically since 2004. Energy experts now fear that unless a substantial amount of money is invested, the issue is likely to spiral out of control.

Householders said to be living in Fuel poverty spend more than 10% of their income on fuel just to keep warm in their homes. Yorkshire Energy Services are among a series of conservation specialists who are striving to tackle the issue head on.


YES Support Fuel Poverty Awareness Day

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Yorkshire Energy Services are encouraging people across the country to insulate their homes and reduce their energy bills in support of Fuel Poverty Awareness Day.

The Huddersfield based Community Interest Company currently runs two council backed insulation schemes, on behalf of Hampshire County Council and most recently Leeds City Council, following on from the success of the Kirklees Warm Zone free insulation scheme.

The Department for Energy and Climate Change suggest that there are still around 10 million lofts (43% of UK homes) which remain unlagged; and 8 million empty cavity walls (42% of households across the UK) that fail to have the current recommended insulation levels.


Go green this valentine’s day

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Yorkshire Energy Services are keen to help householders spread their love and save energy this Valentine’s Day. As well as spoiling your home with a warming make-over, you can shower your loved one with gifts that don’t cost the earth.

Here are our top tips to help you save energy and money so you and your loved one can go green on the 14th of Feb.

Turn off to turn on
1. Smooch by candlelight
Switch off those lights, light some candles and create a romantic ambient evening.
2. Snuggle under the duvet
Turn down the thermostat and curl up to watch a romantic film with a loved one.
3. Share a bath or shower
There’s nothing like getting into hot water with someone to kick off a romantic evening. If every couple in the UK shared their showers on Valentine’s Day they could save a collective 160 million litres of water. And by using less hot water you’ll be saving energy too.
Homemade love
4. Make your own card
Buy recycled paper or sort through old cards to create a personal, one of a kind card. The extra effort shows you really care about your Valentine – and the environment.
5. Homemade treats
Don’t buy cakes or cookies – make them!
6. Dine in
Why not purchase locally sourced food and make an evening of it by cooking together.