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Yorkshire and the Humber Lead British Green Awards

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Yorkshire and the Humber boast a number of environmentally innovative projects which have been nominated for this year’s prestigious British Renewable Energy Association (REA) Awards.

Kirklees Councils Re-Charge Scheme, a ground breaking scheme offering interest free loans to encourage home owners to install renewable technologies has been nominated once again for the Renewable Energy Association ‘Advocate’ Award. An accolade it previously won in 2009.

Re-Charge scheme also won the award for ‘Best Policy Tool’ at the Yorkshire and the Humber Microgeneration Partnership conference and awards hosted by BBC Weatherman Paul Hudson earlier this year.

The Yorkshire and Humber Microgeneration Partnership has also been nominated for the ‘Advocate’ award and will be going head-to-head with Re-Charge at the Renewable Energy Association ceremony in June this year. The Partnership was set up in 2009 by the Huddersfield based Energy Saving Trust advice centre  whose parent company, Yorkshire Energy Services also manages the Council Re-Charge scheme.


Kirklees Warm Zone – Case Study

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Jackie Marshal lives in a semi detached bungalow in Dalton with her husband, two children and a new puppy. She first came into contact with Kirklees Warm Zone when she received a leaflet in the post.  ‘I was a bit hesitant at first’ explained Jackie, ‘ I thought there would be some sort of catch…later I was very pleasantly surprised.’ After talking to one of the doorstep assessors Jackie felt reassured, ‘they went through everything in detail and said I could change my mind at any point…they even left further information for me to look at.’

Out of the many services offered through the project, she was most interested in receiving a free carbon monoxide detector. Jackie works as a catering officer visiting schools across Kirklees. During an appointment she experienced a gas leak where all the staff had to go to the hospital to be checked out. This was when Jackie first thought about the possibility of a gas leak in her own home. ‘I wanted a Carbon Monoxide Detector mainly for safety reasons. We have a gas fire but it’s a flue-less one, I was worried that it wasn’t working properly.’ As soon as Jackie received her free detector she put it up on the wall next to her gas fire. She explained that even after having regular gas checks the carbon monoxide alarm gives her family over all piece of mind.   ‘I should have got one a long time ago…It’s one of those things you put to the back of your shopping list, but now with all these horror stories you hear about it just makes you think it could be you!’ Jackie was very happy with the convenience of having the detector delivered to her door step and explained how the project has helped save her time and money.

An eco driving driving lesson for reporter Kevin Core

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Jan 19 2010 by Kevin Core, Huddersfield Daily Examiner
An eco driving lesson for reporter Kevin Core

I’M NO Jeremy Clarkson.

Offered the choice between a Corsa and a Bugatti Veyron, I’d probably opt for the Corsa. More boot space you see.I was surprised therefore to be offered some motoring journalism – specifically a one-hour lesson in slashing your fuel costs with tips that save the pounds and cut your carbon emissions.

Despite my scepticism after two 3.5-mile routes around the centre of Huddersfield, I was noticing a difference. By the third my efficiency had shot up from 42.2 miles per gallon (mpg) to 52.4 mpg – a 24% improvement. We’ve all seen a car swing out from behind us and speed forward just to be greeted with a red light. It’s so common that we barely register that the manoeuvre has got the driver to exactly the same position, but put the car under strain and wasted his fuel.

Advanced driving instructor Mike Waterton says the key is changing your perceptions as a motorist. He said: “People go rushing up to things and they think it makes them get there quicker. You have to change that attitude. It’s about forward planning, looking well ahead so that you can keep the vehicle moving and crucially, reduce the number of gear changes. The rule of thumb is high gears and low revs. You should be in the highest gear possible for the speed you are doing, keep the vehicle moving and approach delays in the road more slowly so you can anticipate the traffic flowing again. The areas we use the most fuel is moving off, changing gear and accelerating.”



Friday, May 7th, 2010

Transport emissions contribute over 20% of the UK’s overall carbon emissions. Yet there are lots of things we can all do to reduce this figure and meet ambitious CO2 reduction targets. 

Reassessing your travel needs could save money on fuel costs, significantly reduce your carbon footprint and help you to spend much less time in traffic jams. The Energy Saving Trust provides a comprehensive employee engagement service providing impartial advice on a range of sustainable transport options, including providing tips on ‘smarter driving’ for when the car is the only alternative.

Smarter drivers spend less money on fuel and can save up to £250 a year by following a few simple guidelines and with the Energy Saving Trust’s driving simulator your staff can pick up valuable fuel saving tips in the space of ten minutes. Alternatively, we run subsidised smarter driving lessons, that last 50 minutes and teach driving techniques that can reduce fuel consumption by around 17%!

And, throughout this month the Energy Saving Trust advice centre for South and West Yorkshire is running a free prize draw to win Sat Nav*. To enter, call our free phone number on 0800 512 012 and complete a quick Travel survey with one of our advisors. In return for doing this you will also receive a travel report detailing how you can make simple changes to your regular travel to cut fuel consumption, reduce CO2 emissions and save money.

* Prize draw applies to South and West Yorkshire regions. Entrants must be 18 or over. The winner will be drawn on the last 31st May 2010. We reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any point.